Saturday, November 27, 2004


oke doke

just a wee glimpse into the bedroom. just going to list the ojects we can see here & where they came from.

joey and dee dee pillow cases, made by drew & cass for funhouse exhibition @ conical. nice. i got them as a favour for helping. i love them. they make me happy.

little rachaels blue circle pillow made for my birthday 3 yrs ago.

dinosaur tapestry. my only completed needlepoint, i get a bit bored with it & i'm basically crap at it. but love this portait of my favourite plastic dino.

she's not really cheatin' she's just gettin' even log cushion. made for the seventh gallery casino royale show. by me & annie. the cushion art is really where its at right now.

some dead roses. its a hot day. but they still smell pretty.

square resin bangle, made for me by paul. yay. good presents.

really big beads. given to me by andrea. more good presents. i like to wear big beads, though they are heavy.

2 tapes. the bangles: different light. got at opshop in nth qld for driving music on holiday with kate. lots of singing out loud to everysong on it. the only tape in the car for awhile, til i found this other one. one of my first ever tapes. bon jovi: slippery when wet. so influential. so rock. i heart jon bon 4 eva!

some water & one of drews match boxes.

6:42 AM


at 7:54 AM little nemo said...

guess that makes me sizzle.
change yer settings anonymous comments enabled, that sorty thing.

art, sure.