Monday, November 22, 2004

annie & I have just been through the sale of our rented house. a string of renovators, owners and real estate followed by the auction squad. potential buyers, neighbours and weekend house hunters. each ‘open house’, we would come home to find our property styled into a more saleable vision. real estate magazines & photos, fresh flowers, bad art and the smell of coffee.

the real estate have gone, it’s ours again, BUT we’ve caught the styling bug. & its time to indulge it in the name of art. pleasing arrangements of shit all over the house. art on the walls and on the floor. clothes everywhere. the changing monster mess we seem so good at creating.

new stuff featured will be dells wall of fame, featuring portraits of loved ones. a collection of video interviews that will grow throughout the exhibition. Billies wall drawing and emmas trees. drews lights & annie and dell’s gambling cushions.

this ART blog is to document the everyday occurrences during the show and to serve as a forum for discussion on the ideas raised. always look on the internerd for exiting & witty commentary on these & other art projects. we are inviting people to engage with the house, the art, the idea of living and leaving & celebrating…

in our houses we surround ourselves with the things that make us happy… nostalgic memories, second hand junk \ books, tapes/ old letters, ART… visitors have the opportunity for a glimpse into our worlds to discover more. See a space that reflects how we see ourselves and please ourselves. in dells house we come to the nostalgic last month of a 2 year stay in a fucken amazing share house in Fitzroy. you never knew it could be this good, I didn’t.

so … I’m having an exhibition at home for the weekends leading up to moving out. a long running vacation sale and celebration. celebrating being surrounded by friends & art, mine and others & feeling lucky… why? come see.

HELL HOUSE 111 argyle street Fitzroy vic 3065
open Thursday & Friday 5-8pm Saturday 1-7pm from December 4th

111 argyle street Fitzroy vic 3065
an exhibition by Dell Stewart guest starring Annie Studd Emma Gallagher Billie Stone Drew Martin Andrea Eckersley Simon MacEwan & more..

4:59 PM


at 8:25 PM Sherriff said...


Hehehehehehee...of course we'll run it in the mag. Send pics.

at 8:38 PM dell said...

yay whos the sheriff in these parts?
matty bizzle!

at 9:03 PM Sherriff said...


at 4:25 AM Anonymous said...

i specially rounded up the kangaroos for their holiday at hells house, just in time, show us some pics so i can show my mum, huh, love

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